technical solutions


At Indea, we handle and manage all customer business using specific software created by our IT Development Department. This software provides us with access to all the data and information about each intervention and its status in real time. Customers are given an access code to connect to the program, thereby enabling them to track the progress of all their orders and giving them access to all the information we collect about each intervention: production reports, incident reports, photographs of installation, audits …etc. This self-managing system feeds itself in order to generate and assigning job orders based on parameters selected by the company, in which SLA criteria prevail over all others. Thanks to this management system, we can guarantee maximum effectiveness and quality in all our actions. SLA 99,7%



iso9001iso14001ohsas18002ISO 27001tapa

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  • Project implementation department
  • Programming of Portable Terminals for job order control
  • Creation of production systems
  • Development of mobility software for enhanced control and management
  • Vodafone Certified Partner
  • Mobotix Partners